There are many options available when it comes to buying a water purifier. Every company claims that its products use the best technology. It can be difficult to choose from among so many products and brands on the market. Let's look at some of the most popular water purifiers on the market, and their functions:

1. Reverse Osmosis purifiers: This kind of purifier uses a semi-permeable, porous membrane to filter water. The pores are small enough to trap larger molecules of contaminants while allowing smaller molecules to pass through. If you want to buy a water purifier, then you can browse this source.

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Reverse osmosis cannot remove contaminants such as chlorine or other pharmaceutical or chemical impurities. Reverse osmosis purifiers can remove not only impurities but also essential minerals with large molecules.

2. Water distillation purifiers: These devices distill water. Typically, there are two containers in a purifier. The first container is used for storage. After boiling water, the steam travels through a pipe to the second container. It settles into water and then turns into steam.

It is simple. The heavier contaminants don't vaporize, so they remain in the first container. Water distillation can't remove chlorine, as it vaporizes with water. Additionally, many essential minerals are heavier than water and are also left behind in this first container.

To find out if your water source is privately or publicly owned, you can visit the EPA website. If you have a private water source, it is a good idea to get an advanced filtration system capable of removing bacteria and other impurities.

Finally, make sure you only buy products that are readily available and provide excellent after-sales support.