You need to eat foods that are low in sugar, fat, salt, and high in fiber in diabetics. Also, food with low GI values (low glucose in the bloodstream) is necessary in order to beat diabetes. Some bread mixes also contain low GI values.

The bread combo is made of flour. This is a grain that has been ground to powder. Because common wheat flour is high in gluten, it is often used to make bread. This gives the dough its elasticity and sponginess. 


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Bread can also be made from wheat, rye, barley, and corn (maize), as well as other types of wheat. non-wheat grains often have wheat flour mixed in the flour. The protein content of the flour is a major factor in the quality of bread mixes. Bread with 12 to 14% protein is better than bread made from all-purpose wheat flour, which has 9 to 12% protein.

Are you looking for whole grains or refined grains

A husk is a protective layer that surrounds cereal grains like wheat when they are harvested. The husk must be removed before you can eat the grains. This can be done by threshing the grains and winnowing (removing the husk, or the bits that have fallen off the grains).

Refining can cause grains to lose some nutritional value. Refined grains have a smaller percentage of nutrients that were removed so they are nutritionally less nutritious than whole grains. You can even search online for more information about bread mixes.