So what are the benefits of using waffle pads? The wafer pod system enables more precise determination of specific quantities, reduces waste and increases construction site efficiency. You can buy high quality waffle pods from to use in your home construction building.

1. Compared to other tile printing methods, waffle pods create a more consistent and predictable base for your home.

2. The system can also have less impact on the environment – less disturbance to the soil and no excavated trench fragments have to be removed. Waffle pads also provide significant underplate insulation. This can increase the thermal comfort of the new home.

3. As with the base system, plates made with the Wafer Pod System must be treated with care. Wet/dry cycles in the soil under the slab should be avoided, so drainage is essential. 

4. It has created a useful foundation maintenance guide. It charges a moderate administration fee, but Balance provides a free copy to each of our customers.

5. The thickness of the plate is actually the same, so if there is a problem with the waffle pad, it's the same builders will have problems with conventional slabs because the soil under conventional slabs dries and retreats without providing long-term support at home.