A large number of people, facing various forms of illness, have been cured through the use of natural remedies. Natural remedies also work very well to relieve the symptoms of many other ailments. They exist hundreds of years before the pharmaceutical industry developed, so for a long time the only way to cure disease was to use natural remedies.

Chicken soup is not a miracle cure as a natural remedy, but it does contain several nutrients that help boost the immune system and are also adapted to help the body fight off the common cold.

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Aloe vera, a plant, is another natural remedy that is often used in our society. Aloe vera is also a beautiful houseplant, but when crushed, the juice from the leaves of the aloe vera plant can help heal minor burns and abrasions, as well as treat eczema.

Some pharmacies, major discounters, and even major health food chains have natural remedies on their shelves due to the growing popularity of the holistic health approach. Today, natural medicine is considered alternative medicine, but years ago, millions of people benefited from its use because it was considered the only medicine available.

Natural remedies to reduce swelling include drinking pineapple juice, chamomile tea, Oman, white oak bark, wormwood, dill, and oregano. All these natural remedies reduce swelling when used as a drink. 

Boils, a problem for many people, have their own natural solutions. Claws made of sage or ground mustard are a natural remedy used by Native Americans for centuries and are now sometimes recommended by healthcare professionals.