One area of work that is likely to be in demand includes construction, as well as expert labor which includes but is not only cable-laying, construction of houses, pylons, and many more. These roles are highly valuable to our modern society, but they don't have any risk.

There is a chance that workers in these professions are working in high places, either by foot on scaffolding or in vehicles such as cranes or cherry pickers. You can also join working-at-heights-course from various online sources.

A good employer will take you through a specially designed height safety training program to equip you with the necessary knowledge and the skills needed to be able to work safely and efficiently at the heights. They must also provide you with work-at-height equipment such as an e-chicken, a harness, and walkie-talkies, among others. 

If you're looking to advance your career and scale new levels (pun intended) there are a variety of careers worth considering. 

If your working at heights certifications are current and you've had experience working in the area, you could think about becoming working in heights safety course instructor!

This position will enable you to impart the information you've accumulated through your training and life to those looking to acquire the necessary qualifications to get their own certification and begin work in this field. 

If you're seeking an entirely new job, or you're certified with an iOSH course and are thinking of doing taking a look for a new position working in the air and consider the possibilities that are available to you.